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Hello once again, urban thinkers! Planning Times™ is back again with another issue to keep you on the hook for some really interesting concepts in the planning fraternity! Last month we released a really interesting issue on what the market value of planners was. This time, however, we are taking a little detour. We thought for the next couple of issues, we would like to clear some concepts that are commonly used, although not completely understood. One of those concepts to be addressed was the different types of city theories that exist today.

We wanted to let all our readers know about the different types of cities that most planners, authorities, and markets talk about. We constantly hear the word city with a multitude of prefixes; sustainable, smart, green, equal, etc. Most of the terms are also used interchangeably. We would like to bring clarity to these terms so that you can differentiate and truly perceive what your city would look like if any of the prefixes were added to your city's vision!

In this issue

We will be exploring the different types of cities, and also providing you with some interesting links to know more about the discussed types of cities. We will be covering some of the following types in the issue: Equal Cities, Gender Equal Cities, Smart Cities, Sustainable Cities, and Green Cities. We hope this issue adds clarity to your knowledge about the different cities of tomorrow. And do not hesitate to tell us your views about the newsletter, the content, and our mascot Terra the Turtle.

Hope you enjoy the issue and stick with us till the very end!

Karthik Girish  

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